James McLoughlin studied photography at Rochester Institute of Technology. Upon completion he opened a commercial photo studio in Manhattan. There, for over two decades, he was commissioned by a conglomerate of national and international corporations, advertising agencies, magazines and design firms to photograph their advertising and editorial campaigns.

His commercial work covered a myriad of subject matter: from shooting super models for fashion and beauty layouts to commercial campaigns for industrial giants and most everything in between.

His work has been published in virtually every leading magazine and newspaper throughout the world and James has been the recipient of every award of print excellence that the Advertising Industry has to offer. To Include: several Clios, Andy's, CA's and One Show Awards.

Although his professional career concentrated on the commercial aspect of photography, James had never lost sight of the art of the medium and the photographic explorations of the masters who inspired him to become a photographer in the first place.

Immortals such as Irving Penn, Alfred Stieglitz, Phillipe Halsman and Ansel Adams have all influenced him as he conducts his own exploration in photography.